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what is uprising gaming?

Uprising Gaming

Uprising Gaming is a competitive organization.
We consider ourselves as a growing brand, and team to one day become pro and will take any steps deemed necessary to get there.

If you are a competitive player and wanting to join an organization that is going to become big soon, this is the place for you.  Check out our competitive information tab for more information! If you are looking for scrims it will be there as well!

What to expect soon:
- Team Jerseys for Competitive
- More Game Divisions
- Active Youtube Channel

If you are a streamer looking to find a place to promote or are wanting to join a brand to increase your popularity this is a good place for you! We allow stream promotion as long as you stay within the community and will occasionally broadcast you in our team Instagram!

***We are looking for video editors and graphics editors to create logos and youtube videos!

***We are looking for more streamers to join us and content creators!! As well as video editors and graphic designers! If you are either one of those and would like to join the community please fill out the form below!

Uprising Network

Our timeline!!



Uprising Gaming Opened



Fully acquired T1 - T5 Teams



Created & Acquired PS4 T3 - T5

Streamer / Content Creator / Video Editor / Graphic Designer

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