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Xbox Team

T1 - T5 
T1 Renegades (NA)
T2 Rebellion(NA)
T2 Grizzlies (EU)
T3 Afterglow (EU)
T3 Memento Mori (NA)
T3 Olympian(NA)
T4 Leftovers (NA)
T5 Devious (NA)


PS4 Team

T5 Team INDE(NA) 
T4 Soy Boys (NA)
T4 Eclipse (EU)
T4 Runaways (NA)
T3 Soy Boys Academy (NA) 
T3 Runaway Stars (NA)
T2 Resolute (NA)

Try Out Application

If you are wanting to try out for either Xbox or PS4 please fill out the form below!

Message Sent!

Thank you for submitting a try out form! If you aren't already part of the community please join for a faster response! Please remember that to become part of the team we encourage you to have: - A name change with UG in your gamertag - Become part of our discord chats and server