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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your end goal?

To make this a brand that will be recognized like the other brands such as Fnatic, Envyus, Optic, etc.. 
We believe that we will be able to get there with a lot of work and dedication. We have, BoD, have full faith in our Leaders, Community BoD to help us progress and reach our end goal!

Why should I join you guys?

We offer a place for you to come and have fun and enjoy the game that you are playing. We offer a home for gamers to find more players and befriend them. In both casual and competitive style.

How good is the competitive team? and How do I join?

Why don't you see for yourself? The competitive team practices four times a week with each other, scrims five times a week and will start participating in many tournaments.  To join the competitive team, you must ask for a tryout and be part of the community in order to attempt and join the team.