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1) Respect each other, and other teams. Social media included. Friendly banter and BM is encouraged- know where the line is.
2) Ask permission to post links to other Discord servers, if you haven't asked it will be deleted.
3) No excessive spamming, hate speech, or witch hunts. You will be muted.
4) Bring arguments to DM's or don't have them at all.
5) Use Common Sense
6) Don't ping roles excessively or unnecessarily, likewise, do not misuse an Admins time.
7) If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to privately message an Admin.
8) The Moderators and Founders are free to moderate channels and content with discretion, outside of the rules outlined above.
9) If you want to use the bots, please do so at their specific bot channel... do not bot spam any chat unless it is under the bot channel... However you may use mantaro bot in general.. however, you can not spam it, you may use it again after two people have.
10) Do not spam NSFW bot commands in general chat, you are not allowed to type any NSFW commands in any chat unless you have the role... You are only able to do any NSFW in the NSFW chat
11) Do not aggressively spam moderators and admin to get specific roles, one message or ping will do
12) We allow inner org dating, however, no inner tier dating.. meaning, if you are a T3 player, you are not allowed to date another T3 player for the so that it does not hinder the ability to play with one another in the tier under this community/organization
13) We do not allow politics in any text channel